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Who we are ?

M.M.E was founded by Mr.T.S Umesh in 1995. A mechanical engineer who had an experience as a design engineer, decided to use his expertise and knowledge in founding MME. The company started its operations in a 500 sqft office in Prakash Nagar as a marketing firm, which used to outsource the manufacturing of the equipment as per the required design. In the year of 1996, we started our own manufacturing unit with an overall strength of 6.

As the operations of the company expanded, we moved to the biggest industrial area in Asia-Peenya Industrial Estate with a production area of 8000sqft, office area of 3000sqft and stores area of 5000sqft. We also have a warehouse facility located next to our factory.

Rich Experience

With three decades of experience in manufacturing stainless steel commercial kitchen equipment, M.M.Equipments has acquired valuable knowledge and expertise in the industry.

Comprehensive Product Range

M.M.Equipments offers a wide range of commercial kitchen equipment, including LPG pipe lining, fume exhaust systems, refrigeration equipment, and even Cocktail/Mock-tail bar country.

Kitchen Design and Layout Planning

In addition to manufacturing kitchen equipment, M.M.Equipments specializes in kitchen designing and equipment layout planning. This advantage allows the company to provide holistic solutions.

In the year of 2005, Mr.Sunder, a former colleague of the proprietor joined hands in the operations of the business. Mr.Sunder who has his master’s in marketing & Business Operations is an integral part in the success of the company. In 2018, Ms.Shuchira., daughter of the Mr.Umesh, joined the business bringing in new perspectives and diversifying the client base. She is also actively involved in exploring the international market. We are now a team of 65 with diverse skill & talent.

M.M.Equipments is a company synonymous with world class commercial kitchen equipment manufacturing. We have three decades of rich experience in manufacturing stainless steel commercial kitchen/Pantry/Cafeteria equipment including LPG pipe lining, fume exhaust system, fresh air, commercial freezers and refrigeration equipment, including Cocktail / Mock-tail bar country.